Direct Mail

Giant Postcard Mailer 450x450

Affordable Direct Mail Strategy

How often do you check your mail?

In 80% of homes the person responsible for collecting the mail will do so at their first opportunity according to a recent study by the USPS. And once the mail is brought into the home, 80% of people will sort the mail immediately.

The mail is sorted into A & B piles near the trash.

A lot of so-called “junk mail” obvious as “B” pile mail gets thrown out unopened or only at a glance. The mail that gets “A” pile treatment is usually opened immediately and read.

The goal of our direct mail piece is to land in the ‘A’ pile because if it doesn’t get read- you can’t sell anything.

With our giant postcard printed on the highest quality cardstock and jam-packed with some of the most exciting offers available through the mail we can guarantee your offer will be seen.

Why Our Giant Postcard Works

According to a recent survey by ExactTarget, 65% of consumers have made a direct purchase as a result of a direct mail piece. It also remains the only channel where unsolicited messages are acceptable to a majority of consumers.

  1. Direct mail is tangible– something that digital media can’t replicate. There’s something about mail and how it cuts through the digital clutter that remains favorable to consumers.
  2. Direct mail can integrate with other channels like social media, your website, or even text message marketing to help break the mold and surprise your prospect.
  3. People like opening mail. It’s a ritual for most and they do it diligently every day. You really have the opportunity to differentiate yourself when you send a direct mail piece.
  4. Less competition in the mailbox. Most of your competitors aren’t using direct mail because they think it doesn’t work—most likely because they did it wrong once or twice and never learned how to do it the right way. And for most small business owners it’s just too expensive. The power of our local marketing Co-Op allows you to utilize the power of direct mail without the high costs associated with it giving you the opportunity to get noticed quickly.
  5. People will read direct mail, but often will choose to ignore e-mail solicitations. The fundamentals of direct mail haven’t changed, partly because their efficacy has been proven time after time.


Direct Mail Delivers Results. IT WORKS….

Our Approach: Local Marketing CO-Op

There are many benefits of our local marketing Co-op that will help you gain more customers, drive sales, and grow your business.

Let’s start with our exclusive program that we’ve rolled out in our area that allows you to gain a competitive edge in the market and one-up your competitors. NO ONE else is doing this simply because it would be too expensive normally- but since we have a design and printing business in our company, we are able to do this for ridiculously cheap prices.

Lindale Local Deals Card TemplateOur shared mailing is a GIANT postcard that measures a foot-wide, nine inches tall. Each member of our CoOp gets to place an exciting offer on it each month that gets mailed out to 10,000 of our local neighbors’ right around our businesses.

Remember, we are all non-competing businesses so you’ll have absolutely ZERO competition on the card- giving you a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

We will work with you to ensure your offer is compelling enough to illicit a good response and many times have proven offers in our “Deal Dropper Bible” that we can use as a basis to set your offer and reach your goals.

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