Tips On Marketing Your Local Business Online

Customer Searching OnlineCustomers Search For Businesses Online

Local business owners are finding that many of their customers find information about their local businesses on the web. If you are currently running a brick and mortar business in your local community, it is important that you use the Internet to extend your marketing message.

Marketing Tips

Below are some recommended tips:

Create a well-organized website about your business. The home page should have the most important pieces of information about your business, like a description of what your business offers to your customers and your contact information. Many people will decide whether or not to pay a visit to your business based on what they can find out on the web about your business.

You have probably posted ads in your local classifieds. In your ad, be sure that you include the URL of your website. This will save a potential customer the effort from doing a search for your type of business online.

Identify online business directories that are categorized by business industry, and list your business there. If a user uses this directory and inputs a city and type of business, your business will come up among the results.

If you already have loyal customers, request if they are willing to give you a testimonial of their positive experience, and post that on your website. Potential customers like to hear about the experience that other customers have in using your services. It reaffirms your dedication to customer service and your commitment to satisfying your customers.

On your website, also include a little history about you and your business. Since you are targeting local customers, they would be interested in knowing about your roots in their community. Talk about how your business has grown in your community and your commitment in growing even more.

On your website, offer an incentive to your customers who found you through your website. For instance, you can post a statement saying that if your customer mentions that he found you on the web, he can get a 10 % discount off of services. This will give you an idea of how many of your customers came to you because of your web promotion.

CoordinationCo-ordinate All Your Marketing Systems

Your Internet marketing efforts should work alongside with your traditional marketing efforts. If you can use both approaches as complements to each other, you will see positive results from your total marketing efforts.

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