Top Business Directories to Get Your Small Business Listed On

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Why Use Online Business Directories

Listing your local small business on various online business directories is a legitimate and high quality method of creating backlinks to your website that Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing will love you for.

Furthermore, it gives your clients, suppliers, and other business who may want to interact with you an opportunity to know more about you from neutral sources and from any corner of the world.

As a business, these listings especially on review sites enable you to get first hand, raw feedback from your customers about your services and products so that you can employ changes and even respond directly to them.

List of Revelant Business Directories

Below is a list of business directories that our Exclusivity Marketing consulting team found that you might find useful. Please be aware that you don’t have to list your business on all of them but it’s advisable to look for those most relevant to your industry and location.

  • works best for business to business opportunities

  • Professional Associations. Very important for professionals like lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, accountants and organizations requiring accreditation such as schools, colleges, universities etc.

  • Linkedin- great for professionals

  • gives the inside scoop on local businesses

  • an urban city guide where customers share their experiences with local businesses

  • BestOfTheWeb- arranges business by category and region




  • lists information on local businesses with 20 million users per month


  • distributes your information across directories and search engines

  • -provides consumer and business information

  • USCity-a national business directory

  • travel and shopping directory for towns

  • growing free online directory

  • users to best local businesses

  • Kudzu-provides users with info on health and life business providers

  • search portal servicing niche-specific search users

  • fun and engaging local business reviews

  • connects business to urban and semi-urban communities

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